Wat betekent 24 VDC?

Selecting the right wattage of a power supply is very simple. You need to know the wattage rating of the meter tape you buy and its length. Multiply the given wattage by the number of meters of tape and add a reserve of 10%. In this way, we get the required power of the power supply.

Let’s assume we need a power supply for a 5-meter-long piece of SMD 3528 300 LED tape, which has a power of 4.8 W per meter. The calculation will be simple:

(5 m 4.8 W/m²) 110% = 26.4 Watt

Important. The power supply can be stronger but never weaker than the calculated voltage. In the above case, we can use a power supply of 30W or more (60W, 150W, etc.).

Natuurlijk is het wattage van een voeding het wattage dat het resultaat is van de uitgangsspanning en de stroom. spaargeld op installatiekosten in het proces.

Bekijk 24vdc Stroomvoorziening

Voeding 24V DC uitgangen 100W 4.16A (DC) pulsgestuurd, gestabiliseerd, waterdicht.

This power supply has high IP67 protection, and the inside is fully sealed, making it waterproof for outdoor use. Its housing is resistant to mechanical damage. It can be used indoors and outdoors. A maximum of 20 m of 300 LED strips or 10 m of 600 LED strips is sufficient. The built-in cables make connecting the power supply easy and fast. Each has a length of about 15 cm.

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Contact Manufacturer for Product Categories. Custom output voltages are available by OEM. Let us know what you need. Change your delivery address to see items that ship to a different country. Since we have been serving our customers since 2011, contact us for Feedback on Compliance and Restrictions.

RGB LED-strip en zijn functies

This technologically advanced luminaire can emit light of different colors as needed. As a rule, we can choose exactly the color we like from the entire color palette – this is the meaning of the RGB designation. However, mixing light colors requires the strip to have the appropriate driver that allows us to manage the modes. Any LED strip, even monochrome, requires a sufficient power supply – due to modern technology, specially selected power supplies are used here. They reduce the voltage of 230V AC that flows in our installations. The power supply is not required for LED strips, which have a nominal voltage of 230V, but most of them have about 12V.

24vdc zakelijk
24vdc zakelijk

Veiligheid & Conformiteit

Wat moet er in ons DALI-circuit worden opgenomen?

For the circuit to work properly, there must be at least 3 devices connected to our network. The devices in the network are as follows: DALI controller – the device that sends the commands to our system. This is called MASTER.


Instructies voor het aansluiten van de ledstrip

De volgorde van aansluiten van de ledstrip zelf

1. 24vdc voeding –> 2. 24vdc ledstrip

24vdc uitgangen
24vdc uitgangen

De volgorde van aansluiten van de ledstrip en de driver

1) 24vdc voeding –> 2) 24vdc controller –> 3) 24vdc ledstrip

24vdc vermogen
24vdc vermogen

Hoe sluit ik de 24vdc draden aan?

Verbind de draden volgens kleuren. Je kunt ze solderen of verbinden met een dobbelsteen.

24vdc Voordelen
24vdc Voordelen


Ena Leung

Ena Leung


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