Dimbare LED-voeding: alles wat u moet weten

 LEDs are most commonly referred to as light-emitting diodes. The popularity of LED lights and bulbs is increasing rapidly as they are widely used in lighting our homes, offices, cars, parking lots, streets, grocery stores, and many other applications. An LED-voeding or LED driver is the brain or control unit of LED lighting systems and applications. LED power supplies perform many functions, including power conversion, load regulation, and downstream component protection. Nowadays, smart sensors and wireless communication modules are being integrated with LED drivers to enhance human-machine interaction for smart lighting applications. There are dimmable and non-dimmable LED lights available in the market, as are dimmable and non-dimmable LED power supplies or LED drivers.

The dimmable LED power supply systems can be classified into the following categories: wireless dimming systems, SCR dimming LED power supplies, PWM dimming power supplies, 0-10v dimming power supplies, LED dimming drives, wireless dimming drivers, and many more. If you want to know more about LED power supplies, kindly consider this blog worth reading.

Dimbare LED-voedingen:

Dimbare led-voedingen and their functionaries are used in various lighting applications to control and regulate the brightness of the LED lights. It has intelligent and smart design elements for dimming the brightness of LED lights. It has a quite wide range of domestic & commercial lighting applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms, retail, cinemas, and architecture. A dimmable power supply controls the flow of current through LED lights. It is also used where LED lights are required to turn on and off via pulse-width modulation.

60W triac dimbare voeding

Soorten dimbare LED-voedingsfuncties:

Dimbare voedingssystemen worden in de volksmond gebruikt voor dimbare voeding voor ledstrips. Afhankelijk van de technische specificaties, dimbare drivers voor LED-stripverlichting kan ook het dimmen of de kleurvolgorde van de LED's vergemakkelijken. Er zijn op dit moment hoofdzakelijk drie dimfuncties beschikbaar.

1. Resistive Dimming: Een weerstand dimmen voeding has a variable and a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact. It is widely used for dimming halogen lighting by reducing the voltage allied to the bulbs. Resistive dimming has variable resistance across the internal control voltage.

 2. 1-10V dimmen voeding: In this dimming function, 1 to 10VDC sources are applied to the driver, and it is a reliable and stable method for low-voltage lamps such as LED-strips. LED lights’ on and off operations are controlled on the 1-10VDC side of the driver, where 1 is the lowest level, and 10 is the highest and the brightest level.

3. PWM dimbare voeding: PWM is known as pulse width modulation. PWM is one of the most common types of dimming, used to adjust and regulate the current in the dimbare driver voor ledstripverlichting. Pulse Width Modulation regulates and controls the average voltage to the dimming input.

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