24V LED Voeding Stofdicht Kunststof PC

Het 24V LED-voeding is a reliable, durable solution for powering LED lighting systems. Encased in a dustproof plastic PC housing, this power supply protects internal components from dust and debris, making it ideal for use in various environments. A 24V uitgang provides a stable and efficient power source for your LED fixtures, ensuring consistent and long-lasting illumination. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this PC-type LED power supply offers peace of mind with its robust construction and efficient performance, making it a dependable choice for your lighting needs.

Reliable Power Output: This power supply provides a stable and consistent 24V output, ensuring your LED lights operate at optimal performance levels.

Stofdicht ontwerp: Encased in a durable plastic PC-type housing, it offers robust protection against dust and environmental contaminants. This feature enhances the longevity of the power supply and connected LED fixtures.

Veelzijdige compatibiliteit: The power supply is compatible with a wide range of 24V LED lighting systems, making it a versatile choice for various indoor and outdoor lighting projects.

Eenvoudige installatie: With user-friendly installation features, including clear labeling and connectors, it simplifies the setup process, saving time and effort.

Langdurige duurzaamheid: Crafted from high-quality materials, this power supply is built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliable and extended service life for LED lighting installations.

Serie nr.Vermogen (W)AC-ingang (V)DC-uitgang (V*A)Water niveauAfmetingen (mm)Gewicht (kg)PCS / CTNCTN-grootteTotaal KG
PC15-W1V12/2415W100-240V12V / 24VIP40100 * 29.5 * 220.1100325 * 248 * 22512.42
PC35-W1V12/2435W100-240V12V / 24VIP40145 * 38 * 220.1580330 * 240 * 2608.52
PC60-W1V12/2460W100-240V12V / 24VIP40175.5 * 42 * 240.2100400 * 315 * 27016.38

Other 24V LED Power Supply

24V regendichte voeding slanke strip kunststof LLP

Weather-Resistant Design: This power supply features rainproof housing, providing excellent protection against moisture and environmental elements. It ensures the safe operation of your outdoor LED lighting, even in wet conditions.

Slim and Compact: The thin strip plastic LLP housing design offers protection and maintains a sleek and low-profile appearance. It’s ideal for installations where space is limited, allowing for discreet placement.

Stable 24V Output: This power supply delivers a stable 24V output, ensuring your LED lights perform consistently and reliably. Whether you’re lighting up a garden, pathway, or outdoor signage, this power supply has you covered.

Serie nr.Power
AC input
Afmetingen (mm)Gewicht
PCS / CTNCTN-grootte
LLP6060W100-240V12V / 24VIP67182 * 32.6 * 230.14100395 * 295 * 210
LLP100100W100-240V12V / 24VIP67182 * 32.6 * 230.14100395 * 295 * 210
LLP150150W100-240V12V / 24VIP67223 * 32.6 * 230.250295 * 245 * 210
LLP200200W175-240V12V / 24VIP67223 * 32.6 * 230.250295 * 245 * 210
LLP250250W175-240V12V / 24VIP67256.6 * 45 * 230.3650295 * 280 * 270
LLP300300W175-240V12V / 24VIP67256.6 * 45 * 230.3650295 * 280 * 270

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